About me


Tiger 2003


Since I was a child I grew up with pets.

First, it was a parrot, then cockatiels and in the late seventies the first cat entered our home, a black-white male named Kasimir von Burgen. The aristrocratic add-on „von Burgen“ was given by my Dad, because the little male was born in Burgen, a small village near the river Mosel.

At this time, I was infected with the „Cat-Virus“.

My first own cat Tiger , a black-torbie-mc-white girl, came into my life on 26. July 1987. She was from the animal shelter in Gießen and she was found the day before in the ditch. Tiger was only about 5 weeks old.

At that time, I already knew that I wanted to hold and breed thoroughbred cats, either Chartreux or Norwegian Forestcats, later in my life.

Actually, I don’t want to expect Tiger at the age of 16 the turbulences of a cattery with little kittens and other cats. But at least in the end, all is different from that what you planned.


Mariechen with her daughter Molly

 July 2005

Moritz March 2005

One day while I was surfing in the Internet I found a black-white NFO, that reminds me of Kasimir. This little boy gave me two weeks sleepless nights before I called the breeder and asked for him.

Two weeks later I was nervously sitting in the breeder’s living room. This little male had taken my heart by storm. I brought him home with tears of joy in my eyes! At this moment I never thought becoming a breeder later that year. I had adopted this boy only as a pet.

But on and on I wanted to make my Teenager-Dreams come true….

Just two weeks later the black-white males sister came to our home, because she had sneaked into my heart too.

Meantime I am infected with the „NFO-Virus“ and I don’t think that I am on the mend.

Mariechen with her son Fuchur

Since my B-Litter has left our home I have moved back in my "old" homeland, where we have much more space. All my cats live toghether with me and they are allowed to discover the whole house. We have now a, to all sides saved, terrace and all cats loves it much more than our old balkony in Gundelfingen!

My breeding aim:

To breed strong build, vital, typful, lovely tempered and expressive NFO. My mainfocus is on the old, very expressive bloodlines and I am very proud that all my cats combine these older lines in their pedigrees, founding not everywhere.

Wedgies with extremely long profiles, as well as the so called "new colours" of Amber you will not find in my breeding programm.

Just as well my female cats should have the time to recreate themselves after raising their kittens. Furthermore, I want to give consideration to each of my kittens, that’s the reason why I am planning only 1-2 litters each year.

My cats live as full family members with me, each room in my house they are allowed to stay in. They have several scratching posts – some of them almost touch  the ceiling – where they can romp and play and where they can retire.

They also spend lots of time on the saved terrace whatever the weather is like. For the future I am planning a further saved Out-Run in the garden.

Generally I dissmiss a constant separation of my male stud, because I consider that all the priveleges my females and the neuters enjoy he needs also!! Does he starts to spray he will have a date with the veterinarian to get neutered.

Just as well I do not give male offsprings to other catteries, who constantly seperate their male studs and where the males cannot live as full family members!


All my breeding cats are under constantly veterinarian controll and all are tested for HCM and GSD IV.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have some more questions about my breeding. I will do my best to answer them.