IC D* Funkenmariechen Fee vom Feengarten




NFO n 09 23



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Mother of A-, B-, C- , E-and G-Litter

(20 Kitten)

  7      13


HCM negative 10/2006

HCM negative 03/2009




Marie in June 2005


Mariechen ist our Queen !

She  is a  strong female on high legs with a long body. Her profile  is straight and medium length, even the chin could be just a little more stronger. The ears are well placed with beautyful lynx-tipps. Marie's coat is excellent in quality, with a clear  mackerel tabby.

Mariechen has got a wonderful lovely temper, against foreign people sometimes she is a little bit shy, but she does not give it to her baby's. She is a absolutely wonderful Mummy of typfull offspring in our Cattery. We are proud to live with her!

Mariechen's Breeding-Offsprings

In our own Cattery:

Outside Cattery's:


Molly Grue von Einhorn (A-Litter)

Nanni Sullivan von Einhorn (E-Litter)

Lieselotte Liebstöckel von Einhorn (G-Litter)



Tidus Elb von Einhorn (B-Litter, Cattery Finkenperle*CH)

Rosmarin von Einhorn (G-Litter, Cattery Khimari's)

Thymiana von Einhorn (G-Litter, Cattery Khimari's)

Her Showresults

27.09.2003 Duisburg, ICC V 1
28.09.2003 Duisburg, ICC V 1, nom. BIS
06.12.2003 Graben-Neudorf, 1.KRV V 1
27.03.2004 Gundelfingen, DE CAC
28.03.2004 Gundelfingen, DE CAC
17.04.2004 Weisslingen (CH), RCCS CAC
18.04.2004 Weisslingen (CH), RCCS CACIB
12.03.2005 Kelkheim, KFG CACIB
19.03.2005 Freiburg, IRCC V2
20.03.2005 Freiburg, IRCC V2
07.05.2005 Mannheim, 1.KRV CACIB

Mariechens Showcareer is finished now!

Thanks for your neverending patience on Show, although you never liked it!

Just a dream. these adorable Jade-Green eyes !!!

Mariechen almost 7 years old